Summer League

The Summer League

The Summer League has been inaugurated by our current captain Mike Shackleton. All members are welcome.

Played on any Wednesday up to and including the 26th August 2020, The Summer League standings are based on an aggregate of a players 6 best stableford scores for 9 holes.

The format is individual Stableford, full handicap, and members choose their own groups to play in.

Entry per round is £2 and if you play 18 holes it is the first 9 that count.


Champion 2020 : TBC

  • Captain Mike Shackleton has formed the Summer League. The success of the Winter League for TGC is well noted and so the Captain has asked Allan Stobbs

The Summer League 2020

RankPlayerR1R2R3R4R5R6Comp 1Total
1Isaac Davey Day18192020212119138
2Dan Fielden19192021212314137
3Mick Heys17191919192320136
4Mark Wareing18191919222316136
5David Marshall19192020202115134
6Bobby Fielden19191920212214134
7Jonny Rob16181920202117131
8Niall Gaffney16171819202316129
9Allan Stobbs17181919192116129
10Alan Platten16171819202017127
11Andy Wade16161818192316126
12Dave Rushton18181818181917126
13Stu Jackson16171818192114123
14Geoff Whitworth16161617182019122
15Trevor Barnes17171717171917121
16Ryan Gaffney15161617182118120
17Tom Durham14161718192214120
18Warren Duckworth15151617182018119
19Mick Barnes15161717181818119
20Nick May15161718181916119
21Sean Mclernon14151516202215117
22Glenn Duckworth16161718181813116
23Craig Vest16161616181816116
24Bayram Pallavus15161617181914115
25John Hodson1818191919190112
26Godfrey Pickles15151617181912111
27Steve Hill1718181919200111
28Freddie Priestley1617181819200108
29James Frain1717171719190106
30John Whittam1717171718190105
31Clive Cook1616161718220105
32Adam Gibson1315161718215105
33Phill Ellis1616171818190104
34Tom Gilbert1515161620220104
35Chris Hartley1516171718190102
36Matt Edwards111517171919098
37Mick Shackleton131315151515086
38Lee Earnshaw01217181919085
39Janet Taylor01616171718084
40Gill Neeley0015161920070
41Mark Wallis0911151518068
42Janet Topham0012161821067
43Oliver Wood0912141516066
44Sean Doyle01212121415065
45Richard Wood0010121516053
46Lewis Bowes009111414048
47Peter Bailey000141515044
48Marc Campbell00001920039
49Mike Sparkes00001919038
50Andrew Lupton00001819037
51James Steven00001819037
52Rich Mills00001719036
53Dez Crossley00091215036
54Barry Mills0000912021
55Daniel Clarkson00001010020
56Reece Gill0000612018
57Matt Saxon0000017017
58Peter Ransom0000016016