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County Cards Scheme

From our Secretary, Godfrey

Fellow members

Until very recently I wasn’t aware of the County Card scheme. In ordinary times a member of a club affiliated to the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs and participating in the scheme (TGC is and does) would download an application form from the Union’s website, complete and return it with the fee of £10 to the club secretary. The secretary will send the form off and the card will be dispatched to the member.
The card runs from the 1st April to the 30th March each year and entitles the member to discounted green fees as set by the host club. A list of participating clubs can be found on the YU website
The card can only be used once per year at the participating club and is valid for up to four players. Tee times must be by agreement with the host club.
Card holders may be male or female but have to be over 18 and have a valid handicap. Further details of the scheme are available on the YU website.
We are not, however, in ordinary times and this year different arrangements are in place. TGC is in possession of a small number of these cards, which are available to members.
Ordinarily the cards are personal to the member and non-transferrable. It seems to me that this year the cards are transferrable and so if you wish to participate in the scheme you can borrow a card from Jaine Platten on the very strict understanding that it is returned immediately after use so that others may make use of it. 
It would seem that other counties operate similar schemes and participating clubs honour cards issued by other counties. It has to be worth a phone call.
Stay safe and keep golfing
Godfrey, Secretary

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