Course Report February 2021

Apprentice Greenkeeper

James is our new apprentice green keeper. James is from excellent green keeping stock and has been invested in for the long term development of the course. James has previous experience working at Bridgeholme Cricket Club where his father is groundsman. James will work full time on all aspects of course up keep and development.

The Greens

In recent seasons the above average wet weather has meant ‘thatching’ becoming prevalent in parts of the greens, particularly on holes 2, 4, 5 and 9. Ideal at around one inch depth, the thatching in parts of the greens has thickened over this and is therefore creating a sponge effect and not allowing sufficient drainage. Coupled with this, the drainage systems that are in place under the greens have been under pressure to cope with the increased wet weather over the last two seasons. Therefore we have the wetter, softer areas on the greens.

When weather conditions allow we are continuing with a deep aeration solution and back filling areas of the affected greens. Together with microtining this will improve the soak away needed to get past the over thatched areas and so allow the water to run through into the drainage system more efficiently. We have recently invested in a new pedestrian sprayer that allows us to work on the greens and tee beds (even when soft) and are investing in more top dressing with sand in the coming season.

Efforts have been hampered by the snow and reset weather conditions but with a months work the greens should be vastly improved by the time we reach the growing season. Much is weather dependant and warm, dry weather will help.

The Bridge

We are building a new bridge on the 9th/18th. The wooden bridge will now be replaced by a course feature and a new bridge similar to Snooky’s bridge will go over the calvert in line with the 18th tee and link up with the path. Work will start when weather allows and be ready for the coming season. The bridge design and placing will blend in with the pond and new pond feature to provide and picturesque back drop to the tee.

The 3rd

Due to off course issues with the farm at the third tee, we have a temporary tee bed. Work is planned to plant a covering line of trees in front of the farm house. We are also planning on erecting some nets to stop errant tee shots causing more issues. This work is scheduled for completion before the start of the season and the tee bed to be back to its usual place.

The fairways

The fairways have received more traffic this season. We have issued divot pegs for members and visitors to use to help keep divots to a minimum. The fairways are in good condition and we will continue to monitor them regularly.

Course Developments

Due to the issues of the third we are looking at options to reshape the fairway. We are also removing the bunkers on the 3rd fairway. Considered a tough hole already these tend to punish players’ 2nd shot and neither do they provide an obstacle for longer hitters.

A course walk around by Ground Committee and various Club sections discussed the possibility of:

  • Using the tee bed near the path on the first as an alternative hole.
  • Removing the bunker in front of the 1st green.
  • Having an 18th tee bed on the right hand side of the 2nd fairway in line with the pond.
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