Course Report June/July

Course Update:

Simon Rothwell, our new green keeper has been with us for nearly 6 weeks, and I am sure that you will agree that the course is looking in much better under this tenure.  If you see Simon out and about on the course, please say hello and help to make him feel truly at home at Todmorden.

With the help of Karl Smith, there has been a lot of time and effort put in to improve the way that the course looks and plays.  We are not there yet though; there is still a lot of work to be done to get the greens up to as high a standard as we can so that it is a real treat once you are on the “dance floor”.  With a sustained effort, we are looking to get a big improvement to the health and playability of the greens by this time next year.

We are also looking at ways to modify what is essentially a 9-hole / 10 green course to make playing each hole a different experience “second time around”.  Some alterations we are looking at, for example a new competition tee for the 18th hole, will amount to substantial projects but we are also looking at smaller changes that can make a big difference.  One such change that we have already made is to always have two flags on the 5th green – zero cost but a different experience.

An idea we would like feedback from members is the possibility of reinstating the internal out of bounds on the 8th / 17th. As it did until a few years ago, the out of bounds line would run all the way along the bank on the right of the fairway to the bell and then turn 90o and run in a straight line across the 9th and 1st fairway to meet the edge of the course by the chipping area.  If you can feedback opinion for or against this to Mark over the next couple of weeks that would be most welcome.

Mark Wareing

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