Player Of The Year 2021..The Story Far

And so the early headway to Player of the Season has been made by Nick May. Usually flanked by messers Whitham and Platten Nick has managed to be in and around the winners circle so far. Narrowly edged out from 1st after count back in the Thompson Centenary and 4th for the sake of one shot in the May Medal, Nick is turning quality into a quantity of points.

In fact the May Medal gives a glimpse into the make up of POTY so far. All of the top five are Tigers and that bears itself out in the ranking. James Rose (18.3) is one to watch from Rabbits and Niall Gaffney’s (21.8) form and potential seems to be realising itself even with a 4 shot chop, but all the running is from the lower handicappers so far.

The Tigers seems to be bubbling right now and with the likes of Marcus Calvert (4.8) producing a stunning -1 gross back nine this week together with Rob Ogden (8.7) matching power and more touch around the greens, this does promise to be a season of real quality golf. Jay Link (13.4) produced a quality scoring run last season and looks like he’s in that groove right now. Matt Saxon (7) will always be a threat and is dropping ever lower in handicap. Handicaps wont be a problem for Chris Godfrey (14.1) should he keep the 6s off the card.

As the consistency of the greens gets better Nick May (7) will hopefully keep up his consistency to match but, as was proved last year, you have to be in it to win and the likes of the ever present Joe Tomlinson wont be far away.

Player of the Year 2021

RankPlayerApril MedalThompson CentenaryMay MedalRive Rocks CentenaryJune MedalPresidents PrizeJuly MedalJHJ BarkerCaptain's PrizeAugust MedalChampionshipSeptember MedalFred HirstRabbits Cpt PrizeTotal
1Marcus Calvert0211825171820182220241600219
2Simon Hemmington900518242302121231400158
3Matt Saxon22012100918024230000118
4Anthony Barnett01802271201700221800116
5Tom Durham14140130190200002200102
6Jonny Rob12002024101601800000100
7Allan Stobbs24600002025180210096
8Pete Borders2300122024009040083
9Darren Wilson70001401102322000078
10Rob Watkins00081600160021150076
11Barry Mills00112121300017000073
12Steve Hughes00024101400000250073
13Russ Waring00014023019100230071
14Jack Hanson00161980141300000070
15Rob Ogden11023000000250100069
16Ryan Gaffney17120001622000000067
17Chris Thornsby0000501901602500065
18Brian Green0240002308100000065
19David Marshall6001615225000000064
20Dez Crossley005023621000060061
21James Rose1919000001200000060
22Chris Godfrey1512500001900000060
23Isaac Davey Day001576000204080060
24John Stobbs00001221000160240057
25Joe Tomlinson1801400170000070056
26Craig Vest00100190001312000054
27Mick Heys000037122306000051
28Sean Mclernon002400250000000049
29Niall Gaffney1021712200600000049
30Tom Gilbert000000801580170048
31Dale Chew0000013210140000048
32Andy Wade022441001500000046
33Chris Gaffney000002017900000046
34Trevor Barnes000170502400000046
35Nick May123220000000000045
36Mark Wallis25000080080010042
37John Barker0013110007011000042
38Peter Bailey017960001000000042
39Jay Link020210000000000041
40Ken Lambshead001902000000000039
41Warren Duckworth315300000014030039
42Adam Gibson000004130000190036
43John Whitham130000000000200033
44Reece Gill00700002500000032
45Matt Edwards00821307000000030
46Lee Earnshaw21003000005000029
47Mick Parenti013000110000050029
48Daniel Clarkson83015000000000026
49Vince Korobczyc02500000000000025
50Heath Kennedy00000025000000025
51Mike Sparkes00002500000000025
52Keith Lacy50001100090000025
53Danny Bailey00000000024000024
54Deon Webber00000000015090024
55Paul Siddal00023000000000023
56Dan Fielden011000001100000022
57Charlie Holloway00000005170000022
58Dave Rushton00000002200000022
59Neil Priestley010000110000000021
60Mick Barnes07000001400000021
61Clive Cook20000000000000020
62Nigel Halstead00004040000120020
63Andy Hutchinson00200000000000020
64Stuart Priestley00000000019000019
65Mick Butcher0800900000000017
66Mark Wareing16000000000000016
67Gareth Marshall01600000000000016
68Alan Platten00000150000000015
69Joe McClernon0960000000000015
70Carl Earnshaw00015000000000015
71Stu Jackson00000015000000015
72John Fowler00000300120000015
73Alan Payne00000010013000014
74Chris Hartley00000000000130013
75Paul Snook4000000070000011
76Steve Scholes0010009000000010
77Glenn Duckworth000000000700007
78Stu Parker000000600000006
79Michael Hartley050000000000005
80Geoff Whitworth040000000000004
81Paul Marrow000000000002002
82Jon Turner200000000000002
83Phill Ellis002000000000002
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