Presidents Prize Winner

Keith Lacy has won the Presidents prize with an aggregate score of 67 points (36 + 31) from the two rounds. After windy conditions in Round 1 saw Keith lead by 3 shots from Steve Hill with a steely 36, Round 2 was met with similar conditions and some devilish pin positions to boot. Where others four putted for fun on the third, Keith kept his cool with the putter to secure his first major since his victory in the same competition 21 years ago.

Pin positions were a point of conversation for many after the competition. With tight pins on 1st & 8th, placed on the brink of the tiers on the 5th & 9th, it was the 3rd that was the toughest. Half way up the small bank on the front right, any shot past the flag on the top or to the top right of the pin was punished if not accurate. And so many came and fell right there but Keith’s putting was the key. Taking 2 points on the last round from the 3rd & 12th combined it was his putting prowess that pulled him through as well as keeping his head and playing the conditions. “I had to keep it steady and keeping the blobs off the card did the trick. All those 1 pointers added up”, said Keith.

Alan Payne tees off on the 9th. Alan took 4pts in total from the 3rd/12th in a round which saw tricky pin positions as well as a tough wind to contend with.

With a 12ft par putt on the 17th, a 5 for 2 with a 15ft putt on the 6th after being in trouble a strategy of keeping low in the wind shaped a superbly ground out 31 pts under pressure. “Tod plays differently nearly every round, especially in windy conditions. I was punching 5 and 6 irons to keep the ball under the wind and it worked. You had to use your head”, said Keith. Many players were using their heads to [socially distance] bang against the trees after such tricky conditions but none can deny that everyone had to play the same course on the same day and that an experienced head won the day. Keith would like to “Thank the President for setting such challenging pin positions….”.

Congratulations, Keith.

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