Registering A Round & Live Scores

Even if you’re golf isn’t, technology rolls merrily forward, onwards and upwards. Like it or not it is firmly in the future of the game.

We all love watching the pros pinging up and down the leaderboard on the big screen so now you have the chance to choke on your cocktail and crisps when your score gradually falls from grace from the leaderboard as the scores come in.

Before you have that pleasure you need to register your round for pretty much every time you play. All competition rounds can be entered into the computer after the round in the clubhouse but the same can be done on your phone and done as you play.

So here’s how:

Step 1

Find Todays Golf on your HowDidIDo account.



Step 2

Sign In.

Step 3

Find the competition you want to enter OR you can enter for a “Casual Round”. This is open at all times. If you choose “Qualifying” it will go against your handicap. If you choose “Non Qualifying” it wont but you can still have Live Scores.


Step 5

Select the Tees you are playing and your format. You can register a 9 holes score for the front 9 or back 9. (For the Red tees select “Todmorden Golf Club 2020 (18 holes)”)

Step 6

When signed in you receive confirmation of your Handicap Index, your Course Handicap and your Playing Handicap (for competition).

Step 7

You now select your marker who will verify your scores. You will also be able to see their score as you play as you do with a traditional card.

Step 8

You can now enter your score hole by hole.


Step 9

As you go you should see any stableford scores and you can also go back to correct scores if need be. If you have an incomplete round but have played 10 or more holes you card can still be used for handicap purposes. If you stop at any point you add “no score” to each hole thereafter to complete the the registration of the round. After your first 9 and at the end of the round you receive a summary of your score.


Step 10

Sign you card with what will look like a signature of a 5 year old and press finish. Your score will then be entered onto the computer as you would have entered into the clubhouse. Please check all scores on the computer to make sure and always keep your traditional card for the box for verification.


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