Silver Rabbit & Top Tiger Commence

[photo: Buck Rabbit champion and Vice Captain for 2021 Craig Vest plays with tiger Marcus Calvert in the inaugural Top Tiger Trophy round 1]

New to competition at TGC this season is the Top Tiger Trophy. As a club we all play together but for the traditions in this part of the golfing land we have a Rabbits section. So as part of a refresh of competitions we have created the same trophy format for those lucky enough, neigh skilful enough, to get below the threshold of a 15 handicap index.

So here’s how it works. As the current Rabbits format the top two Tigers from each of the four Top Tiger rounds will qualify for an 8 man knockout matchplay tournament. The last player standing there will lift the trophy. Within the Rabbit section the top ten placings in each of the rounds are awarded points with 10pts for 1st, 9pts for 2nd all the way down to 10th place for what maybe an all important point in the Buck Rabbit league table. Those points are accumulated together with the six medal rounds to give 10 scoring rounds to decide whose doing the business this season. So, even though, there is no silverware for that right now we’ve done the same league style table for the Tigers to see who’s on top of the ‘Tiger League’.

And so here are your qualifiers so far…(nb…Craig Vest also qualifies for [brave] shirt of the season so far..)

…and just a rule reminder. Once qualified for the finals you can play in those regardless of handicap. For the league tables your points only qualify for Tiger or Rabbit if your handicap allows…

Silver Rabbit Qualifiers:

Mick Butcher & Dez Crossley

Top Tiger Qualifiers:

Nick May & John Whitham

Well done to those guys. Here are the tables so far!

The Buck Rabbit 2021

RankPlayerApril MedalSilver Rabbit 1Silver Rabbit 2May MedalJune MedalJuly MedalAugust MedalSilver Rabbit 3Silver Rabbit 4September MedalTotal
1Pete Borders805089210336
2Dez Crossley090498000434
3Barry Mills0036708100034
4John Stobbs0000307081028
5David Marshall1600440010025
6Mike Sparkes00100100002022
7Niall Gaffney350800030019
8Russ Waring000002305919
9Craig Vest004550400018
10Stuart Priestley000000980017
11Allan Stobbs980000000017
12Jack Hanson008710000016
13Ken Lambshead000960000015
14Stu Jackson000006090015
15Alan Payne027001500015
16Tom Durham510000000814
17Steve Scholes006305000014
18Dave Rushton000000067013
19Mick Butcher0100020000012
20Heath Kennedy0001010000011
21Paul Snook000200009011
22Peter Ransom000000074011
23Chris Hartley000000040711
24Deon Webber000000600511
25Danny Bailey0000001000010
26Andy Hutchinson0001000000010
27Mark Wallis1000000000010
28Nigel Halstead00000300069
29Steve Hill00900000009
30Chris Gaffney00000700007
31Clive Cook70000000007
32James Steven07000000007
33Freddie Priestley00000000606
34James Rose60000000006
35Mick Barnes00000005005
36Brian Green04000000004
37Jonny Rob40000000004
38Paul Marrow00000000123
39John Fowler00000000303
40John Barker03000000003
41Geoff Clayton00000002002
42Daniel Clarkson20000000002
43Richard Wood00200000002
44Carl Earnshaw00100000001

The Top Tiger 2021

RankPlayerApril MedalTop Tiger 1Top Tiger 2May MedalJune MedalJuly MedalAugust MedalTop Tiger 3Top Tiger 4September MedalTotal
1Simon Hemmington24100910704248
2Marcus Calvert057588600444
3Matt Saxon1000106900026
4Ryan Gaffney7000090100026
5Chris Godfrey5001000073025
6Steve Hughes0000300391025
7Allan Stobbs004000550923
8Rob Ogden3028001000021
9John Whitham490000000821
10Rob Watkins000070090319
11Brian Green0000000810018
12Nick May0100700000017
13Adam Gibson070003000717
14Sean Mclernon000900007016
15Isaac Davey Day008400040016
16Jonny Rob0000105010016
17Darren Wilson100061800016
18Lee Earnshaw906000000015
19Jay Link080600000014
20Warren Duckworth015000408014
21Joe Tomlinson800300000011
22Bobby Fielden009000000110
23Anthony Barnett00002000068
24Chris Thornsby00001700008
25Mark Wareing60000002008
26Tom Gilbert00000020057
27John Hodson00000006006
28Mick Parenti00000000606
29Dale Chew06000000006
30Geoff Whitworth00000000505
31Matt Edwards00005000005
32John Barker00020030005
33Mick Heys00300200005
34Keith Lacy00004000004
35Jack Hanson00000400004
36Charlie Holloway03000000003
37Glenn Duckworth00000010102
38Stuart Priestley00000000202
39Peter Bailey02000000002



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