Todmorden Golf Club Summer League

Summer League Starts

..And so Summer League strode into Todmorden town…well, bounced if you’re an albino wallaby. As Andy Wade took a dodgy chip on the 6th his playing partners shouted “Look, a wallaby!”. Replying “is that what you call that kind of shot”, it was Wadey who felt like a wallaby but soon realised what was going on. More predictable was Geoff Whitworth topping the charts with a 20pt haul. Only first blood but Geoff is looking like being up amongst the top runners and riders…and Mick Heys – a serial ‘top of the leaderboard leaguist’ – opens with a 19 pointer, too…

Here are the standings at the off!


The Summer League 2021

1Niall Gaffney18242219201919141
2Pete Borders22212019191814133
3Barry Mills18192318181915130
4Simon Hemmington19181919192014128
5Alan Platten19161918182018128
6John Hodson19171716172017123
7Mick Parenti19171618172214123
8Bobby Fielden18172117191812122
9Isaac Davey Day17181716161917120
10Mike Sparkes16191819171813120
11Tom Durham17171717172014119
12Allan Stobbs19191617151517118
13Mick Butcher16171820171712117
14Mick Barnes14191715161718116
15Trevor Barnes16171516191512110
16Sean Mclernon18201714141413110
17Jack Hanson1819201818160109
18Mick Heys19151516161611108
19Ryan Gaffney15151518161412105
20Darren Wilson1618171716210105
21Warren Duckworth1616201618170103
22Brian Green2117161716160103
23Steve Hill1719171617160102
24Nigel Halstead141416171918098
25Reece Gill171714191120098
26Chris Gaffney1018201413111298
27Geoff Whitworth201315121611996
28Nick May161417151717096
29John Whitham162119141213095
30Andy Wade171614151616094
31Stu Jackson171111211518093
32Matt Edwards1791720016079
33David Marshall12181619130078
34Glenn Duckworth11101781517078
35Mick Shackleton13152412130077
36Marcus Calvert01719NR1516067
37Dale Chew1616141500061
38Mark Wareing16121813NR0059
39Bayram Pallavus1614131300056
40Neil Priestley131713NR012055
41Jim Frain11DQ18NR916054
42Tom Frain12NR13NR1115051
43Rob Ogden01518NR017050
44Stu Parker17NRNR12018047
45Peter Bailey017015014046
46Adam Gibson1413NR0100037
47Dave Rushton0DQ150002035
48Chris Hartley131000001033
49Charlie Holloway00170130030
50Freddie Priestley0001900019
51Jon Turner0180000018
52Matt Saxon0015000015
53Lee Earnshaw0140000014
54Paul Siddal1300000013
55Jonny Rob00000000
56Sean Doyle00000000
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