Treasury Update February 2021

Despite the bar takings being well under half of previous years but with your continued support, various Government grants, a very welcome influx of new members and higher green fees I’m delighted to report that your Club is currently in a significantly better financial position than it was this time last year.

A year ago I was in the unenviable position of having to ask certain members to pay subscriptions early in order to keep us going !

Clearly, I would like this positive position to continue and to keep some wool on our backs for the continuous and future re-investment in the course and facilities.

As you will see in the Greens update we have committed various funds to help improve the course for the long term including investing in the recruitment of an Apprentice greenkeeper, James.

I fully appreciate that, apart from the weather, we have not been able to play golf just as and when we’ve fancied a game. I therefore intend to make a proposal at the AGM to lower the Platinum subscription rate from £650 to £600 for the 2021/22 playing year. I expect the Gold rate will be £575 and Silver £540.

This means that, even with inflationary increases, all subs should be less than they are now for a few years to come.

During March I intend contacting those of you currently on deals and all members aged 30 and below with your likely renewal rate for the year to 30 April 2022.

I’m also pleased to announce that Council have agreed to run the Membership raffle again at the forthcoming AGM and the lucky winner will receive a FREE subscription for the whole year. Last year ticket prices were £10 each. However, all current playing members will receive free entry and there will be NO CHARGE this time. Good luck to one and all !!

I will, of course, give a further and in depth update on the finances for the March AGM.

Sean McLernon, Honorary Treasurer.