The Thompson Centenary Trophy

“Golf has been played on the wind-swept 1000ft high hills of Todmorden ever since 1894. Valleys carved in the Pennine Range 600ft below wind their way almost aimlessly towards Halifax, Burnley and Rochdale, with Stoodley Pike, the conspicuous peace monument (1300ft), Dobroyd Castle (800ft), the stately seat of the Fielden family, and the rock formation known as Whirlaw (1200ft), standing sentinel in the distance…Some claim that golf originated in Scotland…it was not until after the middle of the 19th Century that golf began to make headway in England, and before the end of the century the game had claimed pioneers in Todmorden, among them Scotsmen.”

H.G Stephenson



Playing Handicap (95%)

18 holes


Current Champion:

Adam Gibson

2021 Winner?

There is much intrigue around the first major of the season. With the rust just coming off the handicaps and the course battered by the whirlwind weather there’s no clear trendsetter transcending the TGC charts right now. With the promise of rain on Saturday in the mix it may be more staying power than skill come 7pm.

So, we’ve put a few of the faces together.

Current champ ‘Gibbo’ might say he feels the pressure and his game isn’t on point but has nailed the handicap that resulted in his win last year. He smashed the field that day and form has returned at the right time.

All mouth but has the trousers to back it up, Marcus is on fire so far this season dropping over a shot to a smart 5.7. May bemoan Dez’s ‘high’ handicap by the end of the day but looks like he isn’t gonna miss much out there.

Stobbsy will love being profiled as you can tell from his photo. Al has featured high up in all the charts so far and heads the Buck Rabbit table. How is he still a Rabbit? That could change this weekend.

Has finally got on the handicap march and is going to take some stopping. If Niall translates the league for to the Major comp stage than he’s every chance and surely in for another big chop.

May get caught with his pants down every now and then but Dez is down 2 shots after some great golf. Plenty of room in the tank for more.

John ‘The Hatchett’ Whitham. Our Handicap secretary will be well aware of those around him but might need to give himself the chop soon. Very much in form and top of the Tigers so far, John may well add to his TGC Major title.

2020 Winner

Adam Gibson is the winner of the Thomson Centenary Trophy. Adam smashed his way to victory with a huge 41pts and a handicap cut to match. Earlier in the day a usual pattern began to emerge; golfers walking off the course thinking their scores were not going to quite make it. But to the surprise of Mick Barnes, Andy Wade and Joe Tomlinson they found their 37 points sitting top of the tree with Mick in the driving seat with a 19pt back nine. Adam, out last, had the best of the conditions but weather was never going to get in the way. On a good run of form together with some luck thrown in, Adam found himself +5 gross after 13 and 21pts at the turn. Keeping that form going saw him over the line with 4pts to spare. Congratulations to Adam.

Result 2020

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