The Fred Hirst Round 2

After the full conclusion to round round has past the early shape of the quarter finals is beginning to build but that’s not before round two is providing the potential for some classic contests. Pick of the bunch is Matty Saxon versus Bobby Fielden, closely followed by Mark Wareing versus Marcus Calvert.

Well, looking at their profiles if Bobby can strike well and get the wedge working he’ll provide that match for Matty’s play in and around the greens. No doubt there’ll be plenty of pars on offer and better. Maybe it’ll be decided on the 15th? Matty’s favourite hole, Bobby’s worst but fortunes can flip easily in match play so there’s every chance this will go all the way round.

Staying with the the third quarter, Mick Heys turns in a fantastic victory over Anthony Barnett. Not missing with the putter his 4&3 victory against one of TGC’s best should not go unnoticed.

In the first quarter of the draw Andy Wade moves into the quarter finals after a 4&3 victory over Pete Borders. The Cockney Bandit is beginning to lose his bandit status with some good form and our Rabbit’s Captain moves into Tiger territory. Fine driving kept the pressure up on Pete until the pressure told on the 15th. Steve Hill and Russ Waring battle it our for the other quarter final spot.

Mark Wareing edged out Jim Frain in windy conditions to set up another fantastic tie with similarly solid performer Marcus Calvert.

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