The Rive Rocks Centenary

“The new links were opened on January 1, 1907, without, apparently, anything of significance to mark such an important occasion. During the next two months members stayed up at the clubhouse until rather late hours, and the committee passed a resolution that they “did not desire the premises to remain open any longer that the purposes of golf”!”

H.G Stephenson



Playing Handicap (95%)

18 holes


Current Champion:

2021 Winner?

As conditions dictate much that is happening at TGC in the early part of the season, victories are already being claimed with some stout, dogged performances. As the temperature changes for the better and the putts roll truer here’s a few that are hotting up..

‘Bobby O’ has been flying of late..well, his ball always does…a long way. Given the course itself has missed out on the growth somewhat, Rob tends to miss out most of the fairway en route to the green. Edging out Bobby Fielden in the Fred Hirst and 3rd in the May Medal means Bobby is in business.

Dan Fielden hasn’t featured around the top of the field so far but beware. On his march to the Fred Hirst last year Dan was down to 5 and on fire. Dan began the march the season before last and came second the last time the Rive Rocks was played in 2019. Watch out for a return to form here.

The mercurial ‘Mash’ Edwards….a master at the mind games and more than capable of turning on the style when needed as well as those oversized shades that will most likely make an appearance come Saturday. Likes to nail one to 10ft on the 7th and, on the Rive Rock Centenary, may duly oblige.

2019 Winner

Due to Covid the Rive Rock Centenary was not played in 2020. Here were the standings in 2019.

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