The Silver Rabbit Finals & Buck Rabbit

After some tumultuous Silver Rabbit qualifiers this season the last two places were snatched by the Gaffney brothers last Saturday.

Due to the postponed competition on 10th October the final will now be played on the Saturday 31st October.

Here’s how the 8 lined up

Silver Rabbit Quarter Finals

Craig Vest v Isaac Davey-Day
Chris Godfrey v Geoff Whitworth 
Barry Mills v Niall Gaffney
Vince Korobcsyc v Ryan Gaffney

The quarter finals saw Isaac Davey Day get revenge on Craig Vest after narrow defeat in the battle for Buck Rabbit. Vince Korobcsyc put in a stunning performance to beat Ryan Gaffney to take his place in the semi’s. Ryan shot 39pts to post a score in the Winter League but still couldn’t match the maestro. after wins for Chris Godfrey and Niall Gaffney the semi looks like this..

Silver Rabbit Semi Finals

Isaac Davey-Day V Niall Gaffney

Chris Godfrey V Vince Korobcsyc

Newsflash….newsflash….Isaac reaches the final after a 2&1 victory over Niall Gaffney! The Silver Rabbit of 2020 is almost at it’s conclusion…

The Buck Rabbit 2020

During the Silver Rabbit shenanigans this year one thing has been for sure; the new members have played a spectacular part in TGC competitions this year and the best of that has come in the Rabbits’ section. The Buck Rabbit tale tells of much with half of the top ten being new members and all of the top three berths. But it was the top two that had it sewn up with some to spare. Craig Vest and Isaac Davey Day were battling it out on in the last round for the title. A five point swing would have given the title to Isaac and, when Vesty came in with a horror round and Isaac still on the course it looked as if he’s do the same to Craig as he did to Dan Fielden in the summer league. But a similar shocker for Issac saw Craig stop his ‘cat on a hot tin roof prancing around the clubhouse’ to a cat with a cheshire grin strutting down the fairway. Well done both and well done to Barry mills whose superb 68 on the final qualifier saw him take top spot and a quarter final place in the Silver Rabbit finals.

Here are the final Buck Rabbit standings:

The Buck Rabbit League 2020

RankPlayerMedal 1Medal 2Medal 3Medal 4Silver Rabbit 1Total
1Craig Vest97691043
2Isaac Davey Day010910938
3Barry Mills0300022
4Pete Borders0076217
5Steve Hill00100016
6Ryan Gaffney3030016
7Andy Wade0900615
8Allan Stobbs0018015
9Adam Gibson6800014
10Vince Korobczyc0000014
11David Marshall0100413
12Dez Crossley1200012
13Jonny Rob5500010
14Reece Gill10000010
15Geoff Whitworth000079
16Chris Godfrey000088
17Niall Gaffney000008
18Russ Waring000718
19Mark Wallis008008
20Dale Chew800008
21Tom Durham040008
22Gareth Marshall062008
23Bill Simpson700007
24John Stobbs000007
25Paul Snook204006
26Peter Ransom005005
27Dave Rushton000055
28Alan Payne000005
29Aaron Terry-Davis000505
30Stuart Priestley000004
31Freddie Priestley400004
32Paul Neely000033
33Nigel Halstead000001
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