The Summer League Tees Off

Captain Mike Shackleton has formed the Summer League. The success of the Winter League for TGC is well noted and so the Captain has asked Allan Stobbs to run the summer version. Saturday’s are filled with medal and majors so come the midweek there’s now a chance to a relaxing 9 holes and a bit of friendly banter after. A members’ best six scores for 9 holes (front 9 if you play 18) count until the 26th August 2020.

We’ve now had three rounds and the competition is already hotting up. Alan Platten and Dan Fielden lead the way but there’s only 7 pts that separate the top 11 players. Janet Topham has made a great start together with Janet Taylor and there’s certainly a great mix of players competing for the first Summer League title.

At this time of year before the Captain’s Drive in on Saturday we’ve seen a lot of John Whitam our handicap secretary hanging about as the later players finish. With a socially distanced pad and pencil he’s jotted down a few notably scores from the new members plus a few from the old guard. Andy Wade (23), Clive Cook (22) looking decidedly shifty in the third round.

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