Vince Korobczyc Wins The Silver Rabbit

This victory was 30 years in the making and well worth the wait. Vince Korobczyc has been a member of TGC for the best part of 30 years and seen a few come and go as well as try and fail to win titles – or to spell his surname correctly. Vince’s victory comes amidst increased membership and competition this year which makes it all the more remarkable.

Vince’s path to the 2020 title started with a fine 71 shot in the Silver Rabbit 3 qualifier to bag second place and a spot in the last 8. Drawn versus Ryan Gaffney in the quarter final Vince had the toughest of tasks and only quality golf was going to see him through. Playing as part of the Winter League for that round Ryan carded a winning total of 39 points – but that wasn’t enough to beat Vince on match play after going to the very last hole for victory. Unfortunately Chris Godfrey had to miss out on the semi final, and Vince found himself against Isaac Davey Day for a shot at the title. Isaac has been one of the most competitive players this season and has moved through the gears to reach a fantastic new handicap index of 13.7 from a 22 course handicap at the start of the season. After beating eventual Buck Rabbit winner Craig Vest in the quarters he edged past Niall Gaffney – Captains Prize semi finalist – in the semis. The Summer League winner was to provide some serious competition for Vince in the final.

The final itself, with the usual bout of horrendous Saturday weather, awaited with plenty of wind and rain. It was a tight game but slowly and surely Vince carved out a 2 hole lead after 9 with his putter polishing off the putts when they mattered. Isaac, keeping up tee to green just had a few just shave the hole. Always steady and sure with the putter Vince was in the groove leaving 30 yarders 3ft away. As they drove off up the 13th, with Vince 3up, it was brolly time under the trees but it wasn’t long after that Vince marched on in the same vein to secure the title on the 15th with a 5 & 3 victory. Well done, to Vince – loves a putt from 30 yards and 30 years to perfect it for the win. We’re sure that he’ll be up for taking a few more pound coins of playing partner Mick Parenti, now.

[Thanks to Mick Parenti for supplying the photo and the detail of the match. TGC wishes you good luck playing the Silver Rabbit champ..]

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