Winter League 2021 – Week 6

[Isaac Davey-Day polishes off his putt on the 4th winter tee]

The TGC Winter League is gradually shaking off the warmer weather and getting down to the nitty gritty of cold and calamitous winter golf. At 8.35am the usual derisory response to “On the first…” has been followed by the usual mix of some suitably shoddy golf and some eye popping scores. Already the noise of the handicap axe being sharpened can be heard. The noise on the course, however, is being made by Glenn Duckworth. Albeit that Glenn is only one of six players to complete five rounds so far his 42pts in week 5 (a full week was lost to the weather) has set the bar high. Matching that – and cheers to losing 2 shots for no wine – was Russ Waring who takes second place. Still intent on abusing his administrative powers to take his place ‘on the first’ every week finds Allan Stobbs in third.

Regardless of bobbly birdie attempts coming up short, weaving from winter green to summer green and more OBs you can shake your driver at, the promise of a long season of Sundays having a crack at the club after a shotgun start are very, very welcome. With Joanne and her team serving the pre match butties and pulling the pints after Winter League is firmly back in full, glorious flight.

Just before you check out the table here’s technique of the week! Clive Cook shows us the “Texas Wedge from 100yds”. A fine technique which ended up with his 6 for a million points. Well done Cookie.


Winter League 2021 (week 6)

The Winter League 2021

RankPlayerR1R2R3R4R5R6Comp 1Comp 2H'CapSht's LstTotal
1Alan Payne374137383639360(23)2264
2John Stobbs333535413940270(21)4250
3Matt Edwards393533373534360(15)2249
4Ian Hind363639433636220(39)4248
5Mick Heys403636393435270(13)2247
6Warren Duckworth393534393435310(10)1247
7Chris Thornsby333934353436330(1)0246
8Russ Waring343438423238280(19)3246
9Tom Gilbert323937333536330(13)0245
10Dez Crossley373835343535320(16)1245
11Darren Wilson343735333241290(8)2241
12Clive Cook373637314233230(29)2239
13Jonti Calter334339313133270(23)2237
14Steve Scholes343633353836240(16)2236
15Mick Butcher303633273142330(19)2235
16Pete Borders393732353230290(21)1234
17Carl Earnshaw333535323137250(23)0228
18Chris Godfrey343336333436220(14)1228
19Phill Ellis323533343334270(9)0228
20Glenn Duckworth38363542343500(13)3219
21Deon Webber40363536353700(22)3219
22Declan Wade313331323330290(12)0219
23Charlie Holloway363734293326230(18)0218
24Jonny Rob332935293030280(12)0214
25Allan Stobbs34363437323600(14)0209
26Peter Ransom30383338343200(21)1205
27Tom Frain263628263126280(26)0201
28Andy Wade33353137323200(10)0200
29Adam Gibson36353829243400(11)1196
30Simon Hemmington303030303021200(5)0191
31Keith Waters213030222529200(27)0177
32Craig Vest30272934242800(15)0172
33Jonathan Stewart21213032252100(19)0150
34Dan Pickering282728300000(34)0148
35Mike Sparkes3125302635000(22)0112
36Joe McClernon313523160000(15)0105
37Paul Lukaszyk34373000000(13)0101
38Isaac Davey Day31243300000(13)088
39Niall Gaffney25272800000(21)080
40Stuart Priestley3733000000(17)170
41Ryan Gaffney34350000000069
42Richard Grayson3335000000(16)068
43Barry Mills3127000000(15)058
44Nigel Halstead320000000(30)032
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