Winter League Update – Week 4

49 players competed this week with the winner scoring almost that in points. Geoff Whitworth scooped the top spot with an incredible 44 points. In his slipstream was playing partner Dale Chew with fantastic 40 points. Geoff takes the two shot hit for his win, and a move to 10th and Dale loses one for the rest of Winter League.
To cries of ‘jammy ***’, Allan Stobbs farmed shot a superb 39 along with Chris Thornsby and Steve Hill to add to a high scoring round which begins to see a few of the early runners stretch their legs.
Ryan Gaffney is emerging as the player to catch with a solid 33pts, followed by Mr Consistent himself, Mark Wareing despite falling just short of his usual thirty something total.
Phill Ellis and Mick Heys are familiar names in the top ten while Stu Priestley’s score of 32 sees him keep third spot.
Looking down the table Steve Hill lurks ominously with a 37 and 39 in just two games together with Isaac Davey-Day and Rob Ogden also yet to play a third week. With a shortened course that will mean another four par threes for Rob’s mighty swing, while Matty “Sraxon” is one to watch with a shiny new set of irons to go with that canny competitiveness. Craig Vest has bought a new Maverick and gave it its first swing this week. If anyone would like to make an offer for it TGC hears he may be interested after making a right show of it. Always making a show of it is Dez “The Showman” Crossley, even showing us places that no golfer has been on the course in it’s 125 year history.

Until next week gentlemen…. and do remember to book your tee times asap – we have 48 booked already. We will be presenting prizes for winners and 2’s when we next meet together.

….and lastly…there is a WhatsApp “Winter League” group. If you’d like to join and spend 6hrs a day reading inane golf banter, how Jonny Rob sank his ’80 footer’ and Marcus Calverts’ new Bryson style cap colour range then please get in touch with Al Stobbs and he’ll add your number. TGC does hear in can be very informative as well….

The Standings So Far

The Winter League 2020

RankPlayerR1R2R3R4R5R6CompulsorySht's LstTotal
1Mick Heys303333353642393248
2Geoff Whitworth293133334344314247
3Mick Butcher323435353636381246
4Ryan Gaffney333434373739311245
5Simon Hemmington313233353536370239
6Niall Gaffney293035363939281236
7Chris Thornsby303134353839290236
8Allan Stobbs303031353839310234
9Phill Ellis303034343537330233
10Warren Duckworth272732363637281223
11Jonny Rob272832333338290220
12David Marshall253030303233350215
13Andy Wade252628313436350215
14Charlie Holloway232728343435330214
15Steve Scholes223031313137320214
16Mark Wareing31323436384001211
17Matt Edwards252629303340272210
18Craig Vest272829293034310208
19Carl Earnshaw242628313439200202
20Russ Waring262930303233180198
21Pete Borders222526283138220192
22Stuart Priestley21263132363800184
23Chris Godfrey28282830303400178
24Rob Ogden3233333436001168
25Vince Korobczyc2932333538000167
26Steve Hill2225373940001163
27Matt Saxon2930313336001159
28Clive Cook19192429303200153
29Adam Gibson20222628282800152
30John Barker15192525293600149
31Tom Gilbert2727293134000148
32Dez Crossley2426293132000142
33Mike Sparkes343434370000139
34Barry Mills1820283536001137
35Dale Chew283137400001136
36Marcus Calvert253436380000133
37Deon Webber1623272834000128
38Tom Durham263334350000128
39Alan Payne252936360000126
40Godfrey Pickles1722262830000123
41Mick Parenti242526360000111
42Chris Hartley1820212130000110
43Joe McClernon2530360000091
44Dave Rushton2830310000089
45Bobby Fielden2429350000088
46David Omerod2431320000087
47Aaron Terry-Davis2331310000085
48Reece Gill2226320000080
49Trevor Barnes333800000071
50Glenn Duckworth303400000064
51James Steven293300000062
52Isaac Davey Day303200000062
53Russ Whiting283300000061
54Mick Shackleton282900000057
55Sean Mclernon253000000055
56Lewis Bowes262700000053
57Harry Whitehead143300000047
58Richard Wood172800000045
59John Stobbs39000000039
60Jim Frain35000000035
61Mick Barnes34000000034
62Gary Brierley32000000032
63Andy Roberts31000000031
64Christian Hughes28000000028
65Andy Hutchinson28000000028
66Nigel Halstead20000000020

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