Winter League Update/Week 21

It was back to action on Sunday and in the end it was victory for Dez Crossley with 35 points.

Just before Dez whooped with joy (he still is, we hear) it looked like Mick Heys had stormed to the win with 40 points. Unfortunately for Mick his card had a dodgy digit and that meant a DQ, not to mention bringing down the team score. We’re sure Mick will bounce back next time, but well done Dez for a great score and the win.

Elsewhere in the league there are a few improved places. Jonny Rob consolidated 7th place and nudged towards the leaders with a solid 34 and the biggest leap this week was Woz with his third full round after getting back from injury.

If the weather holds see you all this Sunday as we begin the run in to the compulsory rounds. Just three rounds to get your best six scores in.

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