Member’s Night 2022

This season we were able to use the clubhouse just prior to the season’s start for the first time in two years. Before then the club held a ‘New Members Night’ to welcome new members to the club for their first full season and so council decided to hold a similar event but opened the clubhouse doors for all with a couple of welcome drinks and a spot of chilli and rice from Joanne.

Sections of the club did a short stand up ‘stint’ to point out a few do’s, dont’s and up coming events and fixtures. Headed up by our Captain for the 2022, Peter Ransom, there were presentations from Women, Comps, Handicaps, Grounds, Rabbits, Seniors, House and Membership. There was also an introduction to our new Buddy System, to ensure those new members who need showing the ropes could hook up with an established members to get a round if they needed to.

Aside from all the info and welcomes there’s always a good crack to be had at TGC and the putting competition certainly brought a few [derisory] cheers from the crowd as well as £140 for the Captain’s ‘Defibrillator Fund’ for this year. Our President, Mick Parenti, walked away with the glory. Matt Edward’s refereed that and organised a golfing quiz that made you wonder if anybody knew the rules off golf at all.

All said and done the night was a success with a good turn out and great atmosphere. All of the contacts were shared as well as competition information for both the men and women’s sections. See below if you need to contact the various section of the club or download a copy here..

..and if you know anyone who fancies joining TGC this year we can a great deal to start the season..then head to the membership page for details

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