The Rabbit Captain’s Trip 2021

From Andy Wade…

It’s an honour to be Rabbits Captain and be part of TGC. One of the highlights is the Captain’s trip and after two attempts we finally made it. I very much hope that the next Rabbits’ Captain will have as good a trip as I have just enjoyed. I’ll certainly lend a hand if needed.

Back to this weekend and pleased we had the best of the weather and what was a top course – maybe on the brink of ‘Rabbits’ ability so that I am sure will be kept in mind for next time. A little controversy on the nearest the pins for day two and me rightly fined for forgetting the markers on day one. A summary of the results are below and well as a few pics from the two days. I’ll catch up with those prize winners who haven’t collected soon.

A special mention to two of our winners – Kashy & Dave Thewlis. Both will be fined next time for winning whilst not officially full members. That aside I was chuffed they could make it and hope to see them more at TGC and on trips in the future. The same goes for Kev Heys and Neil Whitham

Once again I’d like to say how much I’m looking forward to more trips in the future from a buoyant Rabbits section and all of the events and competitions they organise. My trip was certainly about the taking part more than the winning and I hope to see everyone on the next one.

The Flat Iron Winners

1st – Paul Kashy & Dez Crossley
2nd – Woz Duckworth & Andy Wade
3rd – Jonny Rob & Ryan Gaffney
4th – Mick Parenti & Russ Waring
5th – Michael Hollows & Keith Lowry

The Teams Winners

1st – Geoff Whitworth, Dave Thewlis, Ryan Gaffney & Isaac Davey-Day
2nd – Paul Snook, Mark Wareing, Bill Simpson & Keith Lowry
3rd – Stu Jackson & Glenn Duckworth, Bayram Pallavus & Woz

Nearest The Pins
2nd – Dez Crossley*
6th – Bayram Pallavus
13th – Tom Durham
16th – Dave Thewlis

Al Stobbs
Phill Ellis
John Whitham
Neil Whitham

* Controversially Allan Stobbs’s marker was pulled off the green by the ladies’ group behind. I’m prepared to let him and Dez Crossley wrestle for the title on the putting green outside – TBD!

Player of The Weekend

Above: Dave Thewlis watches Woz come close to the Flat Iron Trophy on the 18th while putting a card of 33pts together on day one.

Dave Thewlis (33 + 35pts)

“Guest” Dave Thewlis wins player of the weekend and a Garmin S20 watch. A fantastic score over the two days, Dave must honour the terms of the small print in the contract and now join TGC to give us a chance to win some spoils back off of him. I think Winter League is a must for Dave 😉

A Few Photos

Above: Woz and Wadey come close to the Flat Iron Trophy. Woz makes the green on the long par 5 14th only for them to miss crucial 3pt putts.

Above: The fines get dished out….£80 was made for tips and the Captains charity. Clearly lots wrong with the mob that came on the trip..

Above: Keith Lacy “on a bender”. We think this is Keith going three times to the bar for the same quadruple G&Ts….he seems even happier each time. That’s the spirit Keith..

Above: Jonny & Ryan after quadruple G&Ts and more Stellas.


Above: Jonny posing as if he could play golf on day two after Gin & Stellas


Above: Mark Wareing actually able to tee off properly as he didn’t drink the night before. Clever. Video of his tee off on request. It was perfect.

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