The 15th at Todmorden Golf Club during Winter League

COVID-19 – A Guidelines Reminder

Following recent Government announcements and directives from England Golf the clubhouse is OPEN but with restrictions.

Guidelines for The Clubhouse

  1. Wear a mask into the clubhouse
  2. Wash/sanitise your hands
  3. Sign in using the sheet or with the NHS Covid app (click here to go to the NHS page and then download to your phone)
  4. Your details will be kept for 21 days and then destroyed.
  5. You must follow the “Rule of Six”.
  6. Face coverings must be worn in all internal areas and may only be removed when seated in the clubhouse.
  7. If you get up from the table at any point – even to go to the toilet – you must put your mask on
  8. Food and beverages will be table service only. Take aways can be provided.
  9. Please observe all notices relating to the use of the course and other facilities. This includes the current Covid guidelines on and around the course facilities as below.
  10. TGC’s staff are working hard to maintain the running of the club for everyone to enjoy their golf and socialise afterwards albeit with restrictions. We are under strict instructions from governing bodies and which are out of our control. NO ABUSE OF STAFF, FELLOW MEMBERS OR VISITORS WILL BE TOLERATED. Anyone who does so will be asked to leave immediately with further consequences a possibility.


Guidelines on and around the Course

  1. It is the responsibility of the player to adhere to Government guidelines at all times. The Club, i.e. Todmorden Golf Club accepts no responsibility for any breach by a player. 
  2. Social distancing must be maintained at all times both on the course and in the Clubhouse and grounds. 
  3. You should not congregate in groups of more than 6 either on or off the course.
  4. The nets must not under any circumstances be used. 
  5. The locker room areas can be used as access to the toilets and wash areas and for the retrieval of clubs only. You must wear a mask. You should continue to get changed in the car parks. The locker rooms can only be occupied by a maximum of two socially distanced people at any one time.  One out, one in. 
  6. Priority on the practise areas is to be given to those teeing before you. 
  7. Continue to operate the one way system. Up the path to the first tees and back down the 1st/10th fairway even if your car is in the back car park. 
  8. Rakes are available at the top of the track leading to the 1st tees. 
  9. All play must be pre-booked through BRS.
  10. Do not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to your pre-booked time.
  11. Flags are not to be touched even with a gloved hand or towel but can be centred using a club. 
  12. Don’t touch any ball other than your own. 
  13. Only one player on a tee box or green at any one time.
  14. The first to putt putts out and then leaves the green followed by other group members putting out. 
  15. Stakes are not to be moved as they are deemed immoveable objects as per Local Rule 3. See the score card.
  16. No score card other than the one you are marking should be touched. See here as to how cards should be marked

Best wishes, enjoy your play and stay safe.

TGC…..and Dress Code for the course… part of our guidelines.

Please can you adhere to this dress code. If you see others not conforming please can you report this to the club.

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